The AMP Grid

Develop super fast, mobile first websites with this lightweight CSS responsive grid build for AMP.

We love super fast websites which is why we have released this framework to help you speed up the web with us. Using no more than 20% of the 50,000 bytes limit set by AMP, you have plenty of space to create cutting edge, efficient websites.

Where does it go...

<style amp-custom> 1BX GOES HERE </style>

Get started by downloading and copying the 1BX stylesheet into the <style amp-custom> tag in the <head> of the website. You can edit and add to 1BX using the @media queries to style custom elements within the responsive framework.

Download Documentation

Mobile First

The responsive layout provides mobile styling before larger screens to improve loading times on smaller devices.


Being less than 10k in size, 1BX can be positioned inline without adding to the time it takes to load a page.

Built for AMP

We love AMP and wanted to contribute to the project which is why we created this framework to work seamlessly with it.